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Report: R. Kelly Is Now Being Investigated in a Third Federal Sex Trafficking Probe

There’s a chance that R. Kelly is now in even deeper trouble.

TMZ reports that federal prosecutors are eager to speak with people connected to the singer in regards to a sex trafficking investigation they’re conducting.

The probe reportedly comes out of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois, which contacted some of the singer’s associates to see what information they could relay.

The TMZ report characterized the new probe as the third federal investigation into Kelly, joining one by the Eastern District of New York and the second by the Southern District of New York.

The parents of Kelly’s girlfriend Joycelyn Savage said they have physical evidence to turn in regarding those New York probes, which are completely separate from this reported Northern District of Illinois investigation.

Kelly is also being investigated by Homeland Security for sex trafficking. In March it was reported that agents contacted the singer’s former stylist Kash Howard after she posted a video with his ex-girlfriends Vonecia Andrews and Halle Calhoun.

In the clip, all three women were speaking to a media outlet about their past relationship with Kelly, and Andrews was seen crying.

In February, the fallen singer was slapped with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse after being accused of sexually assaulting four females, three of them reportedly underage.

The charges came after the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly” aired, which showed many of the singer’s alleged victims detailing their personal accounts with him.

Kelly was also dropped by his record label RCA/Sony after the docuseries aired and is said to be in deep financial trouble. In March he was taken into custody for owing his ex-wife Andrea Kelly $161,633 in child support.

Plus, the landlord of the singer’s Chicago music studio recently seized $154,527.22 after he owed back rent. And there’s a new report that says an account Kelly has with Wintrust Bank now has a balance of negative $13.

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