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New Video of Gabrielle Union Has Fans Suggesting She Looks Like Sanaa Lathan: ‘It’s the Cheek Bones’

Gabrielle Union and Sanaa Lathan have a few things in common. They both are beautiful, talented and seem to not age. They’ve also worked on the big screen together in the film “Love & Basketball.”

But according to some on social media, they have another thing in common, their physical features.

Gabrielle Union (L) posted a video of herself and many called her a Sanaa Lathan (R) look alike. (Photo: @gabunion Instagram / @sanaalathan Instagram)

On Saturday, March 23, Union posted an Instagram video of herself to show off her new braided hairstyle and followers left comments like “gorgeous” and “beautiful.”

Other comments mentioned Union’s resemblance to the “Nappily Ever After” star.

“You look beautiful. And a little like @sanaalathan ♥️,” wrote one of Union’s followers.

“She does look like Sanaa, it’s the cheek bones,” another person chimed in.

@sanaalathan looks just like her mommy! I mean exact. I have not seen that in long time ❤️,” a third person commented.

Lathan and Union are close friends and have been for a while but it didn’t start off that way. In a 2016 interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Union said after she met Lathan on the set of “Love & Basketball,” she didn’t care for her much.

“After ‘Love & Basketball’ I was like, ‘I don’t mess with you. I’ve seen all I’ve needed to see,’” she recalled.

But the two later hung out, got to know each other better and Union said “We’ve been BFFs ever since.”

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