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Jacob Wohl, Conservative Provocateur, Accused of Faking Death Threats Against Himself

Right-wing activist Jacob Wohl apparently faked a death threat against himself, submitting it to police as evidence he was facing “terroristic threats” during a recent trip to the Twin Cities, newly released documents revealed.

Wohl, a conspiracy theorist, was joined by fellow provocateur Laura Loomer during his trip to Minneapolis last month, where the duo was attempting to prove flimsy claims that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) had married her own brother, The Daily Beast’s “Right Richter” newsletter reported. Part of the trip was captured on video and showed Wohl, 21, providing Minneapolis police with online death threats he claimed he and his team had received since being in the city.

Jacob Wohl

Jacob Wohl sparked similar controversy in 2018 when he was involved in a plan to smear special counsel Robert Mueller with sexual assault claims. (Photo: John Middlebrook/CSM/REX/Shutterstock)

“I hope you fu–in know that if [I] bump into you in Dinkytown or anywhere else in my city I’m going shoot you and sh–t on your fu–-ing bodies,” read the message from the Twitter account @Drakehomes612.

“Get that fu–k out my city you piece of sh–t. Now,” it adds.

The @Drakehomes612 account, run by a self-described “diversity coordinator,” wasn’t real, however. It turned out the hoax page was one created by Wohl himself.

As journalist Tony Webster pointed out, @Drakehomes612’s avatar image “matches a fake Twitter account NBC News and The Daily Beast reported Wohl created” and was one of several fakes the activist had made in the run-up to his Twitter ban in February. Webster also noted that one of the accounts Wohl used to trick police into believing he was being targeted featured a photo of an actual Minneapolis real estate agent “who had nothing to do with this.”

According to The Daily Beast, the faked messages threatening violence against Wohl were included in a packet of police documents related to the case issued by Minneapolis PD. The documents also contained copies of other “evidence” Wohl provided to officers at the time he reported the alleged threats.

The @Drakehomes612’s account has since been shuttered, and authorities said their investigation into the “terroristic threats” is now closed, the New York Post reported.

Since then, activist Ali Alexander, who arranged Wohl’s trip to Minneapolis and accompanied him to the police station, has attempted to distance himself from the activist.

“Jacob [Wohl] may have actually violated the law, maybe,” Alexander said in a video posted to social media app Periscope. “Jacob handed the paper over to the police that included a screenshot from this account. And that’s on him.”

News of the faked threats come just days after actor Jussie Smollett was charged with 16 counts of disorderly conduct related his false claim that he was targeted in a homophobic and racially motivated attack in downtown Chicago last month. Smollett, 36, is accused of staging the attack himself and lying to police about it.

Alexander told The Daily Beast he’d be more than willing to cooperate should the police choose to investigate Wohl. Loomer is not involved in the report.

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