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Damon Dash Turns Himself In On Child Support Warrant

Over the last several months, Damon Dash has made headlines for some of his business dealings and financial issues, like when he approached Lee Daniels over a $2 million loan last year and recorded it.

And on Feb. 25, Dash announced that he bought the majority interest in his ex-wife’s fashion brand the Rachel Roy Collection from its owner Topson Downs. But a week after that, on video, he said the deal went sour.

Damon Dash agreed to turn himself to New York police on a three year child support warrant. (Photo: Getty Images, Paras Griffin)

The outspoken music executive also revealed that he was going to turn himself to New York police for a $400,000 child support debt that he owes to Cindy Morales, the mother of his son Lucky and Roy, who he has two daughters with Ava and Tallulah.

In addition to that, Dash explained that he did nothing wrong, because Roy cuts her own child support checks from the company they co-own, and he has proof.

“For some reason when I was in L.A. I got all these warrants saying that I didn’t pay child support, but the way I have things set up, when the money would go into the Rachel Roy Company Rachel would cut the checks,” he explained. “So we all moved to L.A. and all of a sudden I got warrants and I wasn’t there to answer, but I didn’t realize that no one has been paying the child support.”

Dash then said that he gave Morales $150,000 to buy a house, so he’s confused why the warrant was issued in the first place. He’s also tired of staying away from New York because of the warrants since he’s missed time with his son and the funeral of Stacey Dash‘s mother Linda, his aunt.

Elsewhere in the clip, the 47-year-old provided a few details on what went wrong with buying the controlling shares of Roy’s company, and he said it was Roy herself who blocked it.

“Rachel’s telling me unless I give her 51 percent of the company she won’t sign and I’m not doing it,” he stated.

On Wednesday Mar 6, on Instagram, Dash blasted the owner of Topson Downs Joe Wirht and accused him of giving the money that was supposed to go to child support to Roy’s attorney, although that differs from what he said earlier about Roy cutting her own checks.

“This is the guy Joe Wirht who thinks his company @topsondowns can just abuse people of color and women …him and his man Danny wanna talk slick to women and only look out for his own family and paid Rachel’s lawyer instead of sending my money to child support,” wrote Dash.

Neither Wirht or Roy have responded to his claims yet.

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