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Gabrielle Union Gives an Epic Response After Someone Confuses Her With Brandy: ‘Your Eyewitness Testimony Is A Problem’

Do Gabrielle Union and Brandy resemble each other? Evidently, one person believes so, and she confused the singer with the actress on social media. But Ms. Union set her all the way straight.

“Brandy!!!, I love her,” someone named Brenda wrote Thursday on Instagram underneath a photo of Union posted by Fenty Beauty.

Gabrielle Union set someone straight after that person confused her for Brandy.


Fenty Beauty tagged Union in the photo and the actress eventually got word of the mistake and responded. “@bbbrreenndda girl I love @4evrbrandy toooooooooo!,” Gabby responded. “I, however, am Gabrielle Union Wade, and I hope you are never a witness to any crime cuz your eye witness testimony is a problem.”

Gabby’s fans soon weighed in, and some might say their comments were just as entertaining as the actress’ clapback.

“Why did I read this in her role from ‘Deliver Us From Eva?’” one person wrote.

“Was the b—- trynna be funny?” another commented. “No one in history of all histories ever mistook Gabby as Brandy.”

“Now I can’t unsee brandy when I look at Gabrielle,” a third person wrote.

Meanwhile, it was recently announced that Union will be a judge on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” She’ll be joining actress and dancer Julianne Hough, as well as Terry Crews, who’s now the official host. Union and Hough will be replacing Mel B and Heidi Klum at the judge’s table, and Crews will take Tyra Banks‘ place.

Union will also be starring in the show “L.A.’s Finest,” which starts May 13 on Spectrum’s original programming, so she’s certainly a busy lady these days.

But apparently not too busy to correct that Instagram user, who probably won’t confuse her with Brandy again.

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