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TLC’s Chilli Posts Makeup Free Selfie and Fans Lose It: ‘You’re Still My Beautiful Cinderella’

TLC’s Chilli has a lot of people going wild and it’s not for a new song or album that’s dropped, it’s over a new photo.

The 47-year-old posted a makeup free selfie to her Instagram page on Friday (Jan. 25) and while she was a bit self-deprecating, her fans told the singer how stunning she looked.

Chilli drove her fans wild after she posted a makeup free selfie.


“Bangs or nah??” Chilli asked in the photo. “Yes, I know I need a tan!!!!! And I’m a bit lighter than this. Winter is NOT my friend. #blindian #dougla.”

“You don’t look pale,” one person responded. “Your brown is beautiful and so is that hair! You age backwards.”

“Whatever you want to do because you’re still my beautiful Cinderella,” a second person let her know.

One person said seeing the photo allowed him to mark off a major life goal.

“Welp, meeting you was on my bucket list, but this will do unless you have a concert! Be blessed,” the man wrote.

Others questioned how the “Waterfalls” singer maintains her youthful, fit appearance but they wouldn’t have to look any further than a 2016 interview with People magazine where she talked about her diet.

Chilli revealed that she’s used Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset, a 21-day cleansing process where one stays away from certain foods, including coffee. Specific meals are also prepared for the three week period, which Chilli said is the best part because it makes her live healthy afterwards.

“I wanted to keep living that way,” she explained. “I love the way I felt after, and I made a commitment to eat even cleaner than usual and I had been eating pretty clean before.”

And it’s not just a healthy diet that helps Chilli maintain her youthful appearance, she uses alternative medicine too.

“I do acupuncture,” she told Essence in September 2018. “I do a lot of different things to make sure inflammation is not in my body. Most people have inflammation, they don’t even know it because they don’t feel it at that time.”

Chilli’s selfie received over 15,000 likes in just two hours and as far as her question about choosing bangs or going without them, most people said it didn’t matter since they thought she was gorgeous either way.

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