Kevin Hart Gets Clowned By Drake After Celebrating New Movie : ‘What About That Barber Shape Up?’

Despite Kevin Hart‘s recent Oscars controversy, his movie “The Upside” opened up at No. 1 a couple of weeks ago. But that’s not what the comedian gushed about on social media. He talked about the positive feedback from fans instead after he took in some online reviews.

“Our 2nd week in theaters is shaping up to be just as big as the 1st week & it’s because of you guys,” Hart said on Instagram. “I’m loving that the fans are really responding, saying how much of a feel good movie it is.”

Drake clowned Kevin Hart over his beard.


“Saying how they love the chemistry between Bryan Cranston and Nicole Kidman and myself.” he added. “How a movie like this is needed today, a story of friendship, the comedy, the acting that’s on display. It’s dope.”

Drake, who has a friendly and playful relationship with Hart, congratulated him in the comments but out of nowhere clowned him for what he thought was a bad-looking beard.

“Man, that’ so great to hear about how your first week shaped up,” wrote the rapper. “But what about your barber shape up? ‘Cause you beard is terrible.”

This is the second time Drake clowned Hart on social media over his appearance. He did it back in 2015 when the funny man posted a photo of himself sporting a sleeveless leather shirt. Hart then shot back by sharing a photo of Drizzy lying in a bathtub and smoking a hookah, which he clowned him for.

But “The Upside” actor hasn’t responded to Drake’s beard criticism yet, although the comedian’s fans have.

“Kev, that beard gotta go,” someone wrote.

“Drake ain’t lying,” another person chimed in. “The top line looking a little light.”

You can check out Hart’s post below.

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