Kimora Lee Simmons Reportedly Fights Over Parking Space, Fans Ask Why She Hasn’t Dumped Husband Over His Legal Fight

Kimora Lee Simmons had an argument over a parking space and things got physical.

TMZ reports that it all went down in a FedEx parking lot last week in Los Angeles, and at first there was only verbal contention, but then the women shoved each other. Kimora left the scene after that, and later the woman filed a battery report against her.

Kimora Lee Simmons got into a physical altercation over a parking space while her husband faces 10 years in prison.

The 43-year-old mother also filed a battery report against the woman, and police are now investigating. They’re also reviewing surveillance footage to determine exactly what happened in the parking lot.

Meanwhile, Simmons recently shared a photo of Kenzo Lee, the son she has with actor Djimon Hounsou, and Wolfe, her son with the embattled businessman Tim Leissner.

In December 2018, Leissner was hit with a slew of criminal charges for his involvement in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal, where $4.5 billion was embezzled.

A lot of folks gushed over the photos of the boys and said they admired Simmons’ diverse family. But others brought up her husband, as well as his charges, and wondered why Simmons hasn’t divorced him yet — especially since he’s facing 10 years in prison.

Dumped Tim Leissner yet?” someone asked. “We Malaysians want our money back that you guys are living on. Tim did not return the full amount of the Malaysian people’s money. Filthy thieves, Goldman Sachs. From CEO to Tim … their families [are] living on stolen money. Shame.”

Simmons hasn’t responded to the comments, nor has she said anything about the parking lot incident. The name of the other woman also hasn’t been revealed.

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