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Don Lemon Says What Many Are Thinking About Government Employees Being ‘Summoned’ to Work Without Pay

CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday argued that the federal government is treating its workers like “slaves” by forcing them to work without pay during the partial government shutdown.

The shutdown, which started Dec. 22, dragged into its 28th day on Friday as thousands of federal employees continue showing up for work without pay while the crisis lasts. President Donald Trump and House Democrats are in a stalemate over his insistence that any bill to reopen unfunded government operations must include $5.7 billion for a wall along the U.S. southern border with Mexico, and very little progress has been made to get the government back up and running again.

Don Lemon

Host Don Lemon (right) told fellow host Chris Cuomo that the only people who work without pay are indentured servants and slaves. (CNN / video screenshot)

While discussing rapper Cardi B‘s viral rant about the shutdown, Lemon encouraged people to listen to what she had to say. Fellow host Chris Cuomo agreed, saying Cardi’s remarks could get regular, everyday people thinking about the impacts of the shutdown and possibly spark others to care.

“Why wouldn’t people care about what she had to say?” Lemon chimed in. “Of course you should care about what she says because she’s speaking for a whole lot of people.”

The anchor said that while he might not have used the same “colorful” language to express his frustration, Cardi B was “absolutely” right to be upset.

“It’s ridiculous,” Lemon added. “If you’re being summoned to work without pay — what’s a synonym for that?”

“And for no good reason,” Cuomo said.

“What kind of people work without being paid?” Lemon continued. “You’re either an indentured servant or you’re a slave. Right? That’s what’s happening here.

Watch more in the clip below.

Lemon wasn’t the only one connecting slavery to the government works being forced to work without pay. Two days ago, comedian and activist D.L. Hughley shared a meme with the caption,

“A Judge ruled federal employees can be forced to work for free! Forced to work for free? Hmmmm! Forced to work for free? Where have I heard that before? #TeamDL.”

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