Black Farmer Says Trump’s Trade War, Shutdown Have Sliced His Profit Margins In Half

The partial government shutdown has entered its fourth week, and there’s no end in sight as newly empowered House Democrats and President Donald Trump refuse to budge.

Meanwhile, over 800,000 federal workers continue to go without pay and industries that rely on a functional government to operate are in jeopardy.

John Boyd Jr.

John Boyd Jr. (right) said the partial government shutdown has essentially halted his soybean harvest and production. (CNN / video screenshot )

Appearing Monday on CNN, soybean farmer John Boyd Jr. lamented how the shutdown, which is now the longest in U.S. history, has impacted his soybean harvest by halting government subsidies to farmers. Boyd also took aim at Trump, arguing that his “playing footsie” with China in the ongoing trade wars have cut his profit margins by nearly half.

“We can’t get our subsidy check,” he explained. “It’s put a halt to our winter week. And it all stems from the president’s tariffs. In 2012, I was I was selling a bushel of soybeans for $16 a bushel. Today I’m selling them for $8 a bushel.”

He added: “The decisions of this president … have had a snowball effect, and now the government’s closed. As we desperately need a subsidy check.”

Last week, Trump threatened to let the shutdown drag on for months, even years, until the Democrats agree to fork over the $5.7 billion for his coveted wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. The president also suggested using his emergency powers to build the wall — a wall he insisted for years that Mexico would pay for.

Boyd blasted Trump for what he called a lack of leadership and his failure to unify the country during this difficult time.

“This president hasn’t shown the leadership to bring this country together both racially, and he hasn’t shown the leadership to bring our country together politically,” he told host Kate Bolduan. “And that’s something that is really hurting our country right now and hurting my personal family, my personal farming operation.”

Boyd proceeded to criticize Trump for badmouthing migrant workers, many of whom, he noted, have been used for cheap labor inside the mogul’s hotels and resorts. He left the president with this poignant message:

“Treat people with dignity and respect. And open up this government, open it right now and put federal employees back to work! And put my farm and operations back to work.”

Watch more in the clip below.

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