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Police: Memphis Man Shouts Racial Slurs, Points Gun Before Trying to Run Over Children at Family Dollar

A Memphis man is in custody after authorities say he shouted racial slurs, pointed a gun and tried mowing down two children following an argument at a Family Dollar.

Bradly Watkins is charged with two counts of aggravated assault after what a victim said started with Watkins hurling racist remarks at him during an argument they had inside the store Saturday, local station FOX 13 reported. After they left, the victims said they noticed a Ford Crown Victoria driving near them.

Bradly Watkins

Bradly Watkins is accused of driving his car toward two boys, trying to run them over. (FOX 13 video screenshot)

It was Watkins, who’d followed them out of the store.

Police said the man continued his diatribe, this time directing his racist remarks toward the children. Watkins was allegedly holding a handgun as he steered the vehicle and was seen revving the engine and spinning the tires of his Crown Victoria until they began to smoke.

At one point, authorities said he drove the vehicle toward the children, forcing them to flee in different directions. Watkins continued chasing after the youths and allegedly screamed, “N—-r, I’ll kill you!”

One victim told police the suspect had pointed a gun at them. A witness added that she saw Watkins chasing the kids at a high rate of speed before nearly running them off the road. The boys eventually reached the safety of their grandmother’s home, where she called police

When asked about the incident, Watkins told police he’d gotten into an argument with two juveniles at the Family Dollar, but didn’t give any other details, according to the station. He declined for police to search his home and vehicle.

Watkins is expected to appear in court on Monday.

Watch more in the video below.

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