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50 Cent Fans Race to His Defense After He Was Trashed for Buying Another Expensive Car

50 Cent has really been in the car buying mood lately. The rapper has purchased a few exotic vehicles in December and shared photos of them on Instagram. But now he’s annoyed some people, who’ve accused him of showing off while others are in need.

In the last week alone, Fif bought a yellow Lamborghini Aventador, a white Rolls Royce and a red Ferrari 488. He also bought the same Ferrari in black weeks before that. The rapper even got into a back and forth with Floyd Mayweather about pricey vehicles just last week.

50 Cent's fans come to his defense after people criticize him for posting photos of exotic cars.


With each purchase, there were a good number of people who congratulated 50 and said he inspired them. But after the rapper posted another car that he was eyeing, which costs $3.5 million, the backlash came.

“Who cares when we have homeless kids and adults out here,” someone wrote. “Ignorance is bliss. Posts about helping the youth or elderly or homeless.”

But others quickly came to 50’s defense and reminded people that he does give back, most recently when he wrote a $3 million check to support education in low income communities.

“But he gives back and has businesses that employ our people,” someone wrote. “So why not take care of self too? Our kings and queens always dressed to impress and had the finest things in the land.”

“Who cares. He worked hard for it,” another person commented. “You can’t feel bad for something out of your control, and if you read his posts he donated $3 million to schools.”

You can see 50’s latest car video below.

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