Fans Encourage Carmelo Anthony After He Posts Message Amid NBA Woes

Since leaving the New York Knicks in 2017, the NBA hasn’t been very kind to Carmelo Anthony.

He had a brief stint with the Oklahoma City Thunder but was traded because his skill set never truly meshed with the team’s. And the same thing happened when Melo played for the Houston Rockets, but in that situation he was let go after just 10 games.

Right now Melo is without a team, which isn’t the strangest thing for an older NBA player, but considering the 34-year-old is a future Hall of Famer and was so respected around the league, it seems peculiar — even cruel some might say.

Carmelo Anthony received encouragement from fans after posting an Instagram message.


Melo hasn’t addressed any of this in interviews yet, and he’s even been quiet about it on social media. But he did seem to acknowledge the difficult time he’s shaving in a new Instagram post.

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: The last of human freedoms, to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way,” wrote Melo next to a photo of himself flashing a big smile.

People then gave the Baltimore raised-ball player all kinds of encouragement and told him to stay strong so he can make an epic NBA return.

“I hope you see what I am seeing in my head,” one person wrote. “You getting back on the court and smiling. You got nothing to prove to nobody but yourself. You are great. You got this, bruh. We love you.”

“You remain a beacon of light on so many levels,” wrote another. “Know I watch the obstacles be placed before you and love seeing you hurdle them. “Stay shining, king.”

“Give us one more season,” a third person commented.

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