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LisaRaye and Da Brat Shed Tears Over Rapper’s Financial Woes Stemming from Assault on Woman’s Face

Da Brat is discussing her money troubles for the first time in an emotional moment with her sister.

In a clip from an episode of WEtv’s “Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta,” the rapper explains she filed for bankruptcy because of the judgment against her stemming from breaking a bottle in a former cheerleader’s face in 2007.

“It started out at like $6.4 million, then it got some interest on it, and I think it’s at like eight-something now,” the MC says in a confessional scene. “I ain’t never had $8 million.”

While discussing the matter with her sister, actress LisaRaye, Da Brat said she may have made $8 million in her life but she’s “never seen it.” She also lamented the legal jargon she has to sort through with the judgment.

“I was wrong, damn. I was wrong. I f—ed up. I made a mistake, I regret it, I went to jail,” she tells her sister. “Yeah, OK. A lot of bad things happened, but I also met a lot of great people and learned a lot from it. I’m good with it.”

The confession made LisaRaye come to tears, and Da Brat couldn’t help but cry too.

“I’m just really, really proud of you,” LisaRaye says. “I am. Because I know you been through a lot. And nobody really, really know except the people that’s really inside. But I wanna tell you that I love you.”

“Stop. I hate when you do that. You can’t do that when I’m not f–king strong. You can’t do that, yo,” Da Brat says, shunning her sister’s affections.

Da Brat’s legal and financial woes have played out in the media. The latest report about it from The Blast has stated that Shayla Stevens, the former Atlanta Falcons cheerleader whose face Da Brat smashed, wanted the rapper to turn over any documents that would show “she has the ability to obtain funds to pay Plaintiff in this case from either Jermaine Dupri or Mariah Carey.”

In a response to the request against Da Brat, Carey’s team said, “she’s the Debtor’s friend. There are no relevant financial transactions or documents or financial ESI between Debtor and Ms. Carey.”

Dupri’s assistance has been unclear.

Regarding the sisterly scene, fans were touched by the emotional moment.

“Awe beautiful uplifting sister moment 😍😍😍😍”

“Brat was tryna be so tough but is so sensitive with her sis, that was cute i loved it. Im glad Lisa was so encouraging!”

“Aww so sad I love u both.”

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