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Nene Leakes Tells Off Kandi Burruss After Singer Jokes Co-Star Met Husband at the Strip Club

Nene Leakes has had her fair share of clashes on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” this season despite the new episodes only being on air for the last month. But regardless of the tension between her and Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss, Leakes is making it clear she has no problems with her fellow peach holders.

The star shared some remarks she made on her Bravo blog regarding Burruss joke at the couples dinner that Leakes met her husband Gregg Leakes at the strip club.

“Can we get to it? Y’all met at the strip club and then y’all got married six months later. The end!” Burruss said in a confessional scene after Nene’s longwinded explanation of how she met her spouse.

In response, Nene gave a lengthy reply to Burruss on her blog.

“Oh Kandi, Gregg and I met in 1996! We didn’t know anyone sitting at that table, and that includes YOU!” she said. “We married in 1997, and we didn’t know anyone sitting at that table, and that includes YOU! When I was a stripper, I didn’t know anyone sitting at that table, and that includes YOU! The one thing you and I have in common is that we have owned up to our past. I own the fact that I was a stripper, which no one would have ever known if I didn’t speak on it. You know what I’m saying? Just like you own your past of sleeping with women and having a threesome!

“Most people would like to think that Gregg and I met in the strip club because that sounds better than the way we actually met,” she continued. “Gregg and I are OK with whatever anyone thinks because our past certainly didn’t determine our future. Look at God! You and I on the same show, sitting on the same couch! Won’t he do it?”

Several fans hit back at Nene on Instagram assuring her that Burruss simply made the comment in jest.

“@lovers.n.fuckers My job is to respond and have an opinion! I’m on a reality show! So i respond and have an option! I’m not mad with not 1 girl on this cast. That would be using wayyyy too much of my energy! I just speak MY truth just as they do! You dig,” Nene said to one IG user.

“@taymxxiii I’m saying it jokingly too boo,” she said to another.

nene leakes

nene leakes

As for Nene not having issues with any woman on the cast, it may indicate that despite her putting Willams on blast the other week, Nene’s issues with the mom-to-be are over. She was called out as the one who told Williams about the dirt Burruss had on her fiancé Dennis McKinley. Leakes denied it and accused her “lil sis” Williams of throwing her under the bus.
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