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Torrei Hart Defends Ex Husband, Explains Why Oscars ‘Should Still Have Him Host’

Torrei Hart, Kevin Hart‘s ex-wife and mother of his children, came to the comedian’s defense after many criticized him for some old tweets and jokes he made about homosexuality. He initially tried to downplay the backlash but apologized afterwards. He also stepped down from hosting the Oscars.

But Torrei said people have her ex-husband all wrong, and there’s no way he’s homophobic.

Torrei defended Kevin Hart in a new interview


“No. Not at all,” she told Inside Edition. “He’s a comedian, and he was just making a joke. I don’t think, of course, he wants a gay son. Of course you want your son to be like you. I think definitely if our son was to turn up gay, I don’t think he would be homophobic about it. I think he would embrace him and love him the same.”

Torrei also said her ex-husband shouldn’t have apologized and he should’ve remained the Oscars host, simply because whoever gets the gig will be far from perfect. The mother of two also said she has the “Night School” actor’s back 100 percent.

“I stand with him, I don’t think he should have apologized,” she stated. “I think they should still have him host. I mean, who are they going to get? Mother Theresa?”

At this point, the folks behind the Oscar’s still haven’t found a replacement for Kevin, and the show may go on without a host at all.

Kevin hasn’t responded to Torrei defending him yet and he hasn’t said anything about other people sticking up for him like Nick Cannon, D.L. Hughley and the rapper Redman.

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