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Tiny Manipulates Tip to Extend Her a Release Party Invitation, Fans Love How It Plays Out

T.I. hasn’t been exactly a gentleman when it comes to inviting his wife Tiny Harris to come along with him to events. Inviting her to attend his “Dime Trap” album release party was no different, and Tiny demanded that her man ask her properly.

On Dec 10. episode of “T.I. & Tiny: Family & Friends Hustle,” the couple had a discussion about the album release party at his “Trap Museum” in Atlanta. “The release party is going to be in a few days, you know. What are you going to be doing?” the rapper asked his wife.

Tiny gave her husband a snappy response. “You know, I think you suppose to be inviting me.” Her husband gave her dry invite. “You know you welcome to come.”

Tiny had already arranged a girls trip with her friends Toya Wright and Monica Brown. “Well, I’m trying to put this girls trip together.”

T.I. then proclaimed how unnecessary it was for his wife to demand that he ask her to come to an event she can’t attend. “You can’t even come, and we talking about this! Are you serious?!” He continued, “You mean to tell me you can’t even come. I know you didn’t just raise all this hell in here.”

The rapper shared the clip from his show to his Twitter on Monday. The caption said, “Mrs. Harris Hell!!!! Gon press a ni66a to extend an invitation she can’t even accept?!?! Issa Cold Game…Get a hoodie. Don’t miss tonight’s episode of Friends and Family Hustle @VH1″

Fans began having a dialogue about women wanting their men to formally invite them even if they know they are invited.

“Lmbo. The fact that you acknowledged it is all she needed!!!! I looooooove you two TOGETHER!!!”

“Sometimes we just wanna hear you say come along is that so wrong”

“She wants you to include her and ask her every single time! I get it. That’s not too much to ask….considering….”

“We just want to to invited lol. Y’all are super cute”

T.I. seems to have an issue with being direct in inviting his wife to his occasions, even their anniversary. During the Oct. 30 episode, the rapper suggested that they celebrate in Trinidad this year. The way he proposed the offer to her was not the way she wanted. “Later on this month I’m going to Trinidad around the 29th or the 30th, if you wanna come on with I’ll save ya a spot.” In the confessional Tiny said, “He could’ve asked a little nicer.”

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