Q-Tip Reveals That His Mother Has Dementia and He’s Her Main Caregiver: ‘Eye Opening and Inspirational’

Q-Tip, the frontman for the legendary group A Tribe Called Quest, opened up about his mother having dementia. The rapper and producer also revealed that he’s been taking care of her and it’s been life-changing for him.

“What up world,” said Tip on video. “This weekend on Abstract Radio, I’ll be doing a special show dedicating it to my mother. It’s her birthday on Dec. 9. Shouts out to all the Sags out there. My mother suffers from dementia and Alzheimer’s, so I’m gonna be playing a lot of her favorite songs and stuff.”

Q-Tip revealed that his mother has dementia and he takes care of her


Tip also said he wanted to acknowledge other people going through a similar experience, those who suffer from the condition and their around-the-clock caregivers.

“And the dedication is not only to my mother but to all those out there who suffer from dementia,” he noted. “All of the families that have to deal with or take care of a loved one who suffers with dementia. I take care of my mother and being able to wake up with her every day and take care of her has been something that’s been eye-opening, and it’s also been inspirational.

“So I hope this show has been inspirational to you,” he continued. “And, Mom, I love you so much and this show is not enough to express that.”

Tip has certainly been dealing with a lot in the past couple of years, considering his partner and childhood friend Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor passed away from complications related to diabetes in 2016.

Tip’s father Jonathan Davis II also died from emphysema when the rapper was still in high school.

You can see Tip’s post about his mother below.


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