Fans Applaud Tia Mowry’s Honesty About Her Postpartum Body: ‘I Love Your Transparency’

While some famous new moms have bragged about having a snapback weeks after birth, Tia Mowry has embraced taking her time to return to form six months postpatum.

The actress gave birth to her second child, daughter Cairo, in May and has battled to get back into pre-baby shape as she continues to pursue her acting career.

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the star uploaded a photo onto Instagram giving fans an update of where she was as she continued parenting a baby girl, who joins older brother Cree. She addressed her weight before anyone could mention it.

“Just checking in here. This.Is.Us. at 6 months #postpartum. Still breastfeeding and pumping while working. Has it been easy? No. However, I’ve continued to push through #mastitis and working sometimes 16 hour days,” she said mentioning her battle with painful infection of breast tissue as she films. “Do I still have a little pouch? Yes. Ever heard of #DiastasisRecti? It’s when the abs separate during pregnancy. Shining a spotlight on this because I had never heard of it. Have to go hard with core work to restore. We will work on that later:) Now Cairo, she’s 6 months, sitting up, waving, laughing, babbling, and holding her bottle 🙂 💕 Have you noticed I’m obsessed! Love you guys!”

tia mowry


Mowry’s post was a relatable one for fans who eagerly praised her for sharing her honest story and inspiring them.

“I love you Tia. The representation you are providing is so important.”

“I love your transparency! Super motivating! 😍💕”

“yes! keeping it real bc this is real life! the snapback isnt always easy ❤️”

“I Lovee…Your Confidence!!!!!”

“I love the way how ur always real 👍👍 @tiamowry.”

“Gorgeous and inspiring to me, especially since I had my first child recently and dealing with the same thing. 🤩💝 @tiamowry.”

Back in July, Mowry confessed that it hasn’t been easy to get back into shape as she cared for her newborn.

“By the end of the day, you are extremely exhausted,” she wrote on Instagram. “All you really want to do is sleep. However, I’ve learned, I have to take care of me too. It is okay to work on you. If you don’t, nobody wins. Here’s to tapping into me! Getting there! 2 and a half months.”

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