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Tyra Banks Responds to Winnie Harlow Claiming ‘Top Model’ ‘Doesn’t Do Anything’ for Hopeful Runway Stars

Tyra Banks was recently asked about a former competitor on her long-running show, “America’s Next Top Model” dissing the program as being little help for aspiring models. And the retired supermodel responded with a question of her own.

While appearing on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” Thursday, Nov. 29, a viewer called in to ask Banks about Winnie Harlow’s remarks months earlier.

In May, the 24-year-old said ANTM did not help her get her start in the industry.

“I really started after the show,” Harlow said when she appeared on the same late-night program. “‘Cause it really didn’t do anything for my career… which, it doesn’t do anything for any model’s career, realistically.”

When Banks issued her own response, she kept things classy.

“I discovered her on Instagram and she’s on the show, so what do you think that means?” the “Life Size 2” star says. “I have nothing but love for my girls. And my girls come from so many walks of life and so much pain and so much hardship and so much story. And a lot of times when people express themselves in certain ways, there’s a reason. And I will respect her confidentially and her life but I have to give love to her.”

Fans applauded Banks for her response and acknowledged they would not have known about Harlow, who competed on the 21st cycle of ANTM in 2014, without the show.

“Good question, Tyra kept it classy tho!”

“Mmm the only reason why I know Winnie Harlow was from antm. Never bite the hand that feeds you. Even tho it’s true, it was definitely a platform to get her face and name out. But whatever.”

“Tyra did amazing with that answer, if it wasn’t for America’s next top model 70% of people would know who she was. Period.”

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