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Matt Barnes Seeks to Reduce His Child Support Payments After Saying Women Spend the Money On Themselves

Earlier this month, Matt Barnes won big in his custody case against ex-wife Gloria Govan, and now he has filed to have his monthly child support payments reduced.

Since the much-talked-about victory, the retired NBA star now has his 10-year-old twin boys most of the time, and Govan gets to see them every other weekend, plus on Wednesday evenings for dinner.

Barnes currently pays his ex $20,000 a month in support, which was established by the court when he was still an active player and making a lot more money.

Matt Barnes is trying to pay less child support to Gloria Govan


The Blast reported that Barnes said he currently pulls in about $150,000 each year, and based on the standard child support calculations he says his payments should come down to $5,596 a month, which equates to $67,152 a year.

The news of Barnes wanting to pay less support comes shortly after he said a lot of women misuse child support payments and spend the money on themselves instead. Not only did the California native blast the court system, but he also slammed those mothers who he said purchase expensive items with the money, take exotic trips and live lavishly.

He also said the entire decision-making process as it relates to support payments needs to be fixed, because it only costs a certain amount to raise a child.

“We know the system is broken,” Barnes stated. “It don’t cost $60,000, $50,000, $40,000, $20,000 to raise no children. We all know that. Most of these women are out here buying cars, buying bags, taking vacations off that child support money.”

At this time, Govan hasn’t responded to Barnes’ request, but she’s expected to fully contest it.

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