LHHH Marcus Black Called to the Carpet for His Comments on Why Some Women are Single

Marcus Black is getting dragged to pieces online by folks who don’t agree with his recent take on women being too independent.

Black took to Instagram over the weekend to give his insight on women who deem themselves self-sufficient. The “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star told fans in a video that there’s a such thing as an overly independent woman who refuses a man’s help. In his opinion, those type of women are quick to drive men away.

Marcus Black

(photo credit: Marcus B./Instagram)

“I know I’m probably gonna get a lot of lip from you ladies over this, but f*ck it. It’s gotta be said,” Black said before going into his rant.

“No real man wants a woman who’s 100% independent. … It’s cool to be self-sufficient and do ya thang. But all that 100% independent, I don’t need a nigga for nothing type of attitude… That ain’t gone get you nowhere with us.”

Black went onto to say that men were put on Earth to “protect and provide” for women. However, his comments weren’t taken too lightly by folks who disagreed with the reality’s viewpoint.

“He cheated on his girlfriend several times and almost got someone else pregnant,” one Twitter user wrote. “It’s always so strange to me how these men want a woman who will be submissive and depend on them more but they can’t even be faithful? They can’t even be dependable?”

One male follower wrote, “A woman who doesn’t need me wanting to be with me and vice versa prove we’re both in it for the right reasons. If you see an independent person doing their thing as a sign you’re not needed thats your insecurity about being needed in the first place imo 🤷🏾‍♂️.”

Another added, “He don’t want a independent woman because he knows/feels he won’t be able to control her. If he’s fitting the bill for everything he’ll think he can cheat, lie, & do whatever he wants in the relationship/marriage.”

Others felt Black made a great point.

“They draggin Marcus Black for his post yesterday….but I couldn’t agree more with him…..give me a man like that ok!”

“He hit the nail right on the head🤷🏽‍♂️ at the end of the day each gender has something that the other can benefit from. The narrative that we don’t need each other gets frustrating.”

“He has a point everyone wants to feel wanted and needed. Part of being in a relationship is being in a partnership, & you can’t do that if everything must be done by you. People get mad when people give you facts to being with another person. No I in We.”

Black proposed to singer Brooke Valentine during season 5 of “LHHH.” The two are rumored to be expecting a baby.

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