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Torrei Hart Responds After Folks Criticize Her for Posting Photo with Kevin Hart and Wife Eniko: They ‘Never Put Up Pictures of You’

There’s been a handful of celebrities who’ve talked about having blended families and everyone getting along.

Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz and Swizz’s ex-wife Mashonda spoke about it, and they even wrote a book on the subject. Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will’s ex Sheree Fletcher also opened up about successful co-parenting and being close.

Torrei Hart got criticized for posting a photo of herself with Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko


Others on that list include Kevin Hart, his wife Eniko and his ex-wife Torrei Hart, because Torrei often supports the comedian, but now she’s getting criticized for it.

On Sunday she posted a photo of herself with Kevin at their son Hendrix’s birthday party, and Eniko was in the picture as well. One person said Torrei shouldn’t post images of her ex and his current wife because they don’t do the same.

“@kevinhart4real or Eniko never put up pictures of you on their social media pages, so why do you do it?” one person wrote. “I never understood that?”.

Other folks shared that opinion as well and said they could never be that open-minded.

“That’s the problem,” one person wrote. “We’re expected to be that. We’re expected to nurture everyone and everything without any regard or concern if we are nurtured. Well, nope, not me. That hold it down mentality can kick rocks.”

“You must still have feelings for that man,” another person suggested. “Pray about it and let it go for your children.”

But many disagreed with those people and wondered why getting along is a bad thing. Plus, they called Torrei a perfect example of what other women should do in a similar situation.”

“When they go down, we go up. Good for you Torrei,” someone wrote. “That’s how you become a positive role model for your daughter. #Blackgirlmagic.”

“Real women do real things,” wrote another. “Putting the kids first and choosing not to be miserable. You’re a gem, baby girl.”

Torrei eventually answered all her naysayers and told them she supports Hart on her own volition because that’s her choice.

“If Kevin jumps off a bridge should I do it too,” she asked? “I’m a leader, sweetheart. I make my own rules.”

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