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White Woman Angered By a Black Woman’s Driving Makes Herself the Victim on 911 Call: ‘I’m Getting Attacked by Two Black Women’

A Los Angeles woman’s poor parking lot etiquette was enough to piss off an older white woman, prompting her to dial police before launching into a full-blown racist attack.

“A Black woman accidentally exited the wrong parking lane while visiting store and was verbally harassed by this white woman,” Twitter user @sahluwal wrote, posting video of the incident. “The woman proceeded to call the cops on her for her driving.”

Peppermint Patty

The unnamed woman called 911 after a Black woman exited the parking lot thew ring way. (Twitter video screenshot / @Sahluwal)

The 30-second clip shows the Black woman dubbing the white woman “peppermint patty” and a “racist” after being chided for driving the wrong way. Things reach a fever pitch, however, when the woman announces she’s dialing 911.

“You’re such a racist!” the Black woman shouts. “Yes, I came in on the wrong side — ”

“Oh, cut the n—-r card out,” the white woman shoots back.

“Cut the n—–r card out?” the Black woman repeats in disbelief.

The woman, still on the phone with police, tells the dispatcher she’s “getting attacked” by two Black women who called her a racist. “I’m getting attacked, I can’t even talk right now – by these two black women calling me a racist.”

The video sparked plenty of reaction from social media critics who wanted to see the white woman charged for her racist behavior.

“Charges, fined, and community service,” one person wrote on Twitter. “It’s a criminal act to burden emergency resources for this. Let’s find out who she is and petition the DA.”

“I really think people like this woman who take it upon themselves to call the police over nonsense should be charged, fined, maybe both,” another chimed in. “It’s a shameful abuse of resources.”

One user hoped the viral video would be enough for an attorney’s office to “prove MALICIOUS PROSECUTION.”

The video follows a similar incident in Portland, Ore., when a white woman called the city’s parking enforcement hotline on a Black couple whose parked car was partially blocking a crosswalk.

Watch more in the clip below.

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