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NBA Star Brandon Ingram’s Girlfriend and Mistress Argue About Who Gets Better Laker Seats

The Los Angeles Lakers’ small forward Brandon Ingram is said to be in the middle of a love triangle. Ingram reportedly has a girlfriend named Amber Washington, but he’s also dating an exotic dancer named Raelynn Inez.

To make things even more scandalous, he buys tickets for both women so they can attend his home games, and now their arguing with each other about who has the better seats.

Brandon Ingram's Girlfriend and Stripper Argue Over Who Gets Better Seats At Laker Games


At one point, Amber posted a video of herself attending a game and filmed the court to show just how close she was.

Afterwards, Raelynn responded with a photo and showed where she sat, probably to show Washington that her seats are just as good as hers, if not better. “Aint no 300s, bih,” wrote Raelynn, mentioning the very last row at the top of the Staples Center where the Lakers play.

The exotic dancer also posted another photo from the court but that one seemed to be higher up. She then captioned that image with the words  “I got eyes everywhere.” But it wasn’t clear if she was addressing Washington, Ingram or both of them.

And to prove that Raelynn even knows Ingram and isn’t just a distant admirer, she posted a photo with him and the two looked pretty cozy together. Washington, meanwhile, hasn’t said anything, aside from posting that photo at the game. At least not through social media.

Of course, Ingram has been silent about all this, and he hasn’t posted photos of either woman or really even acknowledged them.

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