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Maryland Police Claim KKK Flyers Distributed In Neighborhood Is Not a Crime

A stream of racist KKK flyers were plastered all over the Iron Stone community in Lothian, Maryland, but Anne Arundel County Police said the incident doesn’t present a crime.

The offensive flyers were first reported to authorities on Monday afternoon by a local resident. Officers said the leaflets “were not threatening in nature, but were extremely offensive,” the Capital Gazette reported.

Arundel officers also responded to KKK flyers being distributed in a Glen Burnie neighborhood on Saturday. The offensive materials were left on over 35 homes and 40 front yards. The racist handouts, which authorities described as “non-criminal,” were first reported by a dog walker in the area around 11 a.m. that morning.

Glen Burnie

(photo credit: WBFF screenshot)

Police spokesman Lt. Ryan Frashure said the flyers are highly offensive, but the contents of the items are covered under the First Amendment’s freedom of speech protections.

Officers said they do not know the suspects responsible for committing the act, but are examining surveillance video to find the person.

“The Anne Arundel County Police Department condemns this type of behavior and these racist ideologies,” Chief Timothy Altomare, of Arundel PD stated. “This mindset has no place within our county. We will continue to work extremely hard to make all citizens in this county feel safe and included.”

The county police’s Homeland Security continues to investigate the incident and described the flyers as KKK propaganda.

Director of Media Relations Sgt. Jacklyn Davis said because there were no threats made towards any group or person, the act was non-criminal.

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