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Former NBA Star Marcus Camby Accused of Fathering a Love Child During Marriage, Taken to Court For Child Support

Former NBA star Marcus Camby is accused of fathering a love child, and now he’s being sued for child support.

According to The Blast, a woman named Noemi Valdez said Camby fathered her daughter Makiah in 2011 but hasn’t been around on a consistent basis.

Marcus Camby Taken to Court and Accused of Fathering a Love Child


Valdez hasn’t legally named the former New York Knick as the father, but she said it’s something he’s ever denied. Plus, Camby was seen in photos for Makiah’s first birthday party, where he was celebrating with her and mom.

Valdez also wants the Connecticut native to only have supervised visits, because he’s “engaged in a history or pattern of child neglect.” She wants him to pay all of her attorney fees as well.

But what adds another layer of complication to the case is that Camby has been married for nearly 20 years to Eva Camby, and they have two daughters together.

The 44-year-old has already filed a “general denial” to the courts but didn’t specifically address the paternity accusation. He wants Valdez to pay his attorney fees too and asked for her case to be completely thrown out.

As for Valdez, she seems to be fairly popular on social media and received a good number of comments on the photos she posts. She recently shared a photo of herself with Houston Texan wide receiver Deandre Hopkins and uploaded several pictures of her daughter.

Besides filing a response to the courts, Camby hasn’t mentioned the suit at all and there’s no photos of Makiah on his page.

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