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Snoop Dogg Smokes a Blunt In Front of White House While Dissing Donald Trump

Snoop Dogg was in Washington D.C. earlier this week, and he wanted to express his dislike for Donald Trump. So he asked his Instagram followers if he should urinate on a White House tree, defecate on the lawn or smoke a blunt.

“I just got the urge to get up and go to The White House, and not only go to The White House, do some gangta sh–,” said Snoop. “Should I do it? If 20,000 motherf—— hit this like button in less than three minutes I’m going to The White House to do it.”

People eventually chose the smoking option, so Snoop headed to a park in front of The White House, sat on a bench and lit up. It is important to note that recreational marijuana is legal in Washington D.C., but it’s illegal to smoke outside of your home.

“Say man, look here, let me tell you something,” said Snoop. “It’s that boss Snoop Dogg. That n—- don’t give a f—. White House action. Blowing like a broke stove. Watch my fans come over here.”

That’s when a small group asked for a photo, which the rapper agreed to.

Then in another video, Snoop filmed himself smoking some more, but this time he had a message for Donald Trump.

“While you n—– is voting and doing this other bullsh–, I’m at the White House smoking. F— the president,” said Snoop.

The legendary M.C. shot the last video back in his hotel room and said he felt compelled to express his like for Trump in some kind of way.

The series of videos come after Snoop has been very open about his dislike for the president, and in 2016 he received a lot of backlash for shooting a lookalike Trump in his “Lavender” music video.

So far there’s been no backlash about The White House smoking clips or what Snoop had to say in them.

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