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Single Mother of Five Who Graduated from Law School Passes Her Bar Exam

A Houston mother of five children whose story went viral in April is officially a licensed attorney after passing the Texas bar exam.

Ieshia Champs, 33, learned on Monday that she passed her bar exam and is in the process of completing the licensing process.

“God you did that! Ieshia N. Champs, Esq. I’m still shouting!” the mother of five said in a Facebook post.

Champs’s saga went viral after graduation photos of her with her children, ages 5 to 14 years old, circulated across the internet earlier this year. She graduated magna cum laude from Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law on May 11.

Iesha Champs

(photo credit: ieshia champs Instagram)

The 33-year-old’s journey to success hasn’t been easy. She told USA Today last week that she grew up on the streets and was in and out of foster homes as a child. She’s also been very vocal about being a high school drop out and being homeless at one point of time.

Nevertheless, the moment Champs found out she passed the bar exam, she told the Houston Chronicle that she ran around her home in joy.

“I screamed so loud and I ran through my apartment 15 times, I just keep saying thank you God. When I saw it was just so surreal.”

Admirers of the newly minted attorney’s story of perseverance against tough odds took to social media to congratulate her:

“With god all things are possible.. congratulations well done,” said one Facebook user.

“You have all my respect what you achieved and having five children no husband who all believed in you,” another person added. “You have a great family whom all of them made this happen. Congratulation with your achievement. And congratulation with that great family of yours.”

An Instagram user wrote, “Congratulations! You must have worked so hard…be proud of your achievement.”

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