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Gotcha! Woman Swindles Conservatives Out of $150K After Pretending to be Persecuted Trump Supporter

A self-dubbed “Reformed Republican” is laughing all the way to the bank after swindling conservatives out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, thanks to her somewhat convincing sob story.

The unnamed woman was unapologetic about her scheme that led hundreds of donors to dig deep in their pockets after she claimed to have faced hardships and the received the cold shoulder from family and friends when she came out as a supporter of President Donald Trump.

“I will not hide any longer, [sic] the left has made us feel as if us Black republicans [sic] should hide!! but not anymore!!” Twitter user @chckpeas wrote in a tweet dated Oct. 27, alongside a photo of her sporting a red MAGA hat. “#BlacksForTrump, #WalkAway and #maga”

In a follow up tweet, she thanked everyone for their “overwhelming support.”

“After seeing this tweet my parents cut me off and refuse to pay my university tuition,” she wrote. “So if you can find it in your hearts to help a young Black Republican pay for school, it would be appreciated.”

The woman posted screenshots of a text thread seemingly between her and her mother, where she complained about not being able to afford an apartment now that her mother had cut her off financially.

“I literally work part time and can’t find an apartment nor people to room with on such short notice,” one text read. “Mom please, I don’t know what to do … why are you doing this to me?”

“Because you’re a f—–g coon …,” her “mother” responds. “Maybe one of those Trumpies that luv you so much can take you in.”

The thread was enough to tug at folks’ heartstrings. After posting a link to a now-defunct GoFundMe page, the woman managed to collect about $150,000 from conservative donors.

Aussie journalist Alex Bruce-Smith, who, along with another Twitter user, outed the woman, called it “the scam of the century.” Getting exposed did not seem to faze the woman, however, who argued that “stealing from Republicans isn’t bad because Republicans aren’t ppl.”

“Anyways, I just ordered by iPhone XS max — y’all want something from the Apple store?” she tweeted.

The scheme garnered plenty of reactions from fans and critics alike.

“Lol I knew you were a fraud cause you actually look good,” one person wrote.

“Don’t hate the player, hate the game,” wrote another.

“This is ridiculous. Can she be charged with fraud?” one critic chimed in. “If so, she should be.”

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