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HBCU Students Fear for Their Safety, Call for Expulsion of Racist White Classmate

Some North Carolina Central University students say they are scared for their lives after a classmate’s comments on social media.

Morgan Kendall, a third-year white female law student, posted racial slurs on her Facebook account and said she wishes she was the person who was responsible for sending the pipe bomb packages to prominent democratic leaders. She also admitted to writing offensive posts where she referred to Black people as “niggers” repeatedly.

Morgan Kendall


NCCU is a historically Black college and several students said they find Kendall’s comments frightening. Many are asking for the student to be thrown out of the university.

“I don’t feel safe,” NCUU student Kayla Britt told WRAL News. “I don’t know what she’s capable of, and I would like to see her expelled immediately.”

Another law student Jazemine McSween added, “I think she should be kicked out of law school. … I just don’t think it’s fair that someone with those sentiments to receive a degree from this school that was founded by the very people that she has disrespected multiple times.”

Students held a town hall meeting on Thursday and met with the dean of the law school, Elaine O’Neal, and campus police Chief Fred Hammett to discuss Kendall’s offensive remarks.

O’Neal told students that Kendall was allowed to return to class on Monday. A spokesperson of NCCU’s Law School told CBS 17 that officials did not find the female student in any violation of the school’s student code of conduct policy.

“I’m scared mostly,” said McSween. “I feel very unprotected at this moment. I’m sad. A little bit angry.”

NCCU officials said they’re still in the process of working to address the incident.

Students have threatened to protest if the university fails to swiftly take action against Kendall. They’ve also requested additional security for campus.

“We just have to keep fighting for what we want and what we feel is right,” said McSween.

Kendall has since deactivated all of her social media and has yet to respond for comment.

“We’re calling for things to be done now,” Britt said. ” We understand there’s a process. We understand that process can be sped up by urgency. … So that is what we’re looking for.”

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