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Joseline Hernandez Fans Finally Stop Dissing Bonnie’s Hair and Focus on Her Adorableness

Former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez recent photo of her two-year-old daughter has fans doing away with the negative hair comments and focusing more on how cute the toddler is.

Hernandez has received a lot of hate and negativity surrounding Bonnie Bella’s hair. Folks have continuously made rude remarks like “can u braid her hair” and “Why does her hair like Angelica’s dolls?”

However, fans have finally placed their petty comments to the side and began realizing the two-year-old’s cuteness. The 31-year-old mother posted a photo of her daughter wearing a white satin tulle lace dress with pink flowers plastered on it. Baby Bella’s hair was parted in two ponytails with a small pink bow.

Joseline Hernandez

(photo credit Instagram/ Bonnie Bella posing next to fruit stand)


Hernandez captioned the image of her two-year-old daughter, “Prettiest girl in the world 😍. She added, “Frutas y vegetales 🐢.”

Fans in the comment section couldn’t but to compliment the reality star on her daughter’s hair and gushed at how “beautiful” little Bella looked.

“Finally Got that head done she cute regardless tho 😍.”

“Pretty hair! 💋 Hey B.B.”

“Bonnie is soooo precious and beautiful!!! She is getting so big too. What a blessings look at her hair.”

“Her hair is very pretty in this pic, you should style it this way often.”

“Finally she combs her hair…Bonnie just sooo gorgeous 😩💖.”

“She looks super pretty 🌸🌸🌸🌸nice hair baby girl .”

“She’s a cutie! Her hair is nice and neat. Good job mom.”

“Adorable, she looks like you so much on this picture❤️.”

“Bonnie Bella is so pretty ❤Joseline, you are doing an incredible job with your baby!! Her hair looks so cute!”

Hernandez is prepping for her upcoming reality show “Joseline Takes Miami” which centers around her raising little Bella as a single mother.

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