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Frightened Gloria Govan Allegedly Told Arresting Officer During Child Custody Dispute: ‘Don’t You Shoot Me Because I’m Black’

New details have emerged in Gloria Govan’s arrest, and she was reportedly scared for her life when it happened.

Back in September, the former “Basketball Wives” star was taken into custody after having a run-in with her ex-husband and former NBA star Matt Barnes. Both of them arrived at their sons’ school to pick them up although it was Barnes’ time with the boys. Things quickly went South with Barnes filing a restraining order shortly after.

Gloria Govan Allegedly Told A Cop Not To Shoot Her Because She's Black


The former couple has been in court this entire week so a judge can determine if the restraining order will end or continue on. And during testimony surrounding that decision, the details about the arrest came out.

According to a deputy who was on the scene that day, the reality star said “Don’t you shoot me because I’m Black,” and that she “Did not want to get hurt because she’s Black.”

The officer also said she was “very, very angry and stated that “She doesn’t talk to pigs.”

Then the officer alleged that Govan refused to give her name when asked, which is why she was taken into custody and arrested.

At one point during the hearing, the mother-of-two testified and had a different account of her September arrest. She basically denied that it happened exactly as the officer stated and said Barnes claims were off as well.

The judge has yet to make his decision about the restraining order and once that’s settled, a ruling will be made in the custody dispute. But no word on when that is supposed to be.

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