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‘LHHH’ Fans Encourage Brooke Valentine to Dump Her Fiancé Marcus Black

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” favorite Brooke Valentine is being urged by fans to call it quits with her longtime boyfriend and fiance Marcus Black.

The couple were first introduced to the show last year and seemed to be madly in love. However, “LHH” viewers soon learned that Black was not only still married to his ex-wife, but he was also cheating on Valentine with another woman. The rapper and Valentine broke up shortly afterwards, but eventually rekindled their love.

During the mid-airing of season 5 Black proposed to “Brooke”, but the pair have been butting heads lately. The most recent incident involved Valentine dismissing Black’s request for her not to work with music producer RoccStar because of his “messy” behavior. The “Girlfight” singer went behind her fiance’s back and worked with RoccStar anyway.

Brooke Valentine

(photo credit: Marcus’ Instagram)

However, Black made matters worst when he took it upon himself to like several of Amber Diamond‘s racy photos on Instagram. Valentine confronted her fiance on his “f*ck boy tendencies” which led to the couple being on pretty bad terms.

“LHHH” fans felt Valentine deserved a better man than Black due to his unfaithful actions and always flirting with another woman behind the singer’s back. They urged Valentine to break up with Black and to find somebody better.

“Marcus ain’t no real nigga this the same nigga that was playing with Brooke while he was dealing with his wife 😂😩✌🏽 foh Brooke get your money sis n separate.”

“Marcus is no good for that her soul…. her might be fun for her ego but even that will get tired at some point….Brooke is too supreme for him.”

” I think Marcus is do too much. He stay trolling amber lil skinny ass foh.”

“Brooke just need to leave marcus alone, he aint loyal to his own woman.”

“She just need be single.”

“Brooke know she’s not happy with Marcus. He cheated on her with two different women already and she broke her vow of celibacy just so she could stop him from f*cking more chicks but that type of man will still cheat.”

The 33-year-old and her fiance have been off and on for years, but the two remained friends during their breakup.

Take a look at their most recent blowup:

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