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Shun Love Sends Twitter In an Uproar After Snatching Her Daughter’s Wig In Fight with Brooke Valentine

Shun Love had social media on fire last night after her encounter with Brooke Valentine turned physical.

Monday night’s episode of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” was explosive after Broke, Bridget Kelly, Amber Diamond and Shun got into a heated altercation. The incident happened after Brooke found out her fiance Marcus Black liked a few of Amber’s photos on Instagram.

Shun Love

(photo credit: L; Shun Love, Amber Diamond R; Brooke Valentine/ VH1)

As usual, Brooke decided to take matters into her own hands and found an app where you can text using someone else’s phone number. She pretended to be Marcus while texting Amber flirtatious text messages and invited Amber to her upcoming showcase. Bridget was also a part of the plan since she’s besties with Brooke.

Amber and her momager Shun arrived at Brooke’s showcase and the drama began almost immediately. The second the mom and daughter duo showed, Brooke began taunting them and revealed that she pretended to be Marcus. Shun and her daughter tried to jump froggy with the “Girlfight” singer who happened to still be on the stage, but security intervened.

Shun and Amber directed their anger to another target which happened to be Bridget who was standing within close proximity. As Bridget defended her bestie, Shun yanked off her daughter’s wig and used it as a weapon against Bridget. Security broke up the fight and separated the women from dragging each other.

“LHHH” viewers and fans were here for Shun Love’s pettiness and her wig snatching sent Twitter in a frenzy.

“Shun Love pulled her daughters wig off to hit another bitch with it 😂.”

“Yoo Shun Love snatched her own daughter’s wig off to fight her ops, mi cyannt 😩.”

“How can you remove your daughter’s wig to smack a bitch?! Shun love is special 😩.”

“Shun Love snatched Amber wig off & I cannot stop laughing.”

“😩🤣😂😆 I STILL CAN’T get over Shun snatched Amber Diamond’s WIG OFF! LMAO!”

Watch the hilarious clips below:

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