Joe Budden Responds After Getting Clowned For Making Some Horrible Fashion Choices

It’s happened to the best of us.

At one point in time you believe your’re sporting the best outfit possible. Then, several years and many fashion trends later, that same outfit looks ridiculous. Not only that, someone has unearthed a photo of it and they’re clowning you.

Joe Budden Gets Clowned For His Fashion Choices of the Present and Past


Joe Budden is experiencing that very same thing after someone shared an old picture of him from early 2000s when he was a rapper.

The photo shows Joe wearing a pair of oversized jeans with cuffs so long they touch the ground. He pairs those with a baggy nondescript white sweatshirt that makes him look pregnant.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Joe’s sneakers resemble the ones your mom got from a basket at the flea market before you cared about being cool. The outfit is pretty bad, to say the least.

But the jokes weren’t confined to just his older outfits, he also got clowned for his recent fashion choices. Even his son and his son’s friend joined the teasing and posted to Twitter a photo they found.

“Y’all got my oldest son involved. Smmfh,” Budden tweeted.

He also admitted that fashion wasn’t really his area of expertise, but coming clean didn’t stop the public shaming.

“Y’all been knew I can’t dress,” wrote Budden. “Now y’all wanna pull up old pics and act shocked. “FOH.”

“Make sure Cyn [Santana] see what you’re wearing before you walk out the door,” one person wrote back.

“I will. Thanks,” Budden replied.

Another person clowned a long tan coat that he was wearing back in the day and had just one question:

“Man, is that a buttercream ‘Shaft’ trench coat?” the person asked.

Some might say the New Jersey native is getting a taste of his own medicine, since the one who usually teases is now getting teased.

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