Ha! Angela Rye Has Priceless Response to Trump Supporter Who Asked Her to Say Something Nice About the President

CNN analyst Angela Rye got a few good laughs in during an on-air debate with Women for Trump co-founder Amy Kremer on Thursday night after she was asked to say at least one “nice thing” about the commander-in-chief.

The two appeared on “Cuomo Prime Time” to discuss President Donald Trump‘s response to pipe bombs, 12 in total so far, being mailed to a number of prominent Democrats, including Barack and Michelle Obama, the Clintons and even CNN’s New York City office.

Angela Rye

Angela Rye (far left) debated with Amy Kremer about President Trump’s response to the mailed pipe bombs. (CNN video screenshot)

Rye, a vocal critic of the president, argued Trump has a responsibility to “stop picking on reporters” and riling up his base of supporters.

“He’s not only used a bully pulpit, but he’s actually been a bully and his press team has followed suit,” Rye said. “The president has a massive problem with people who tell the truth when the truth isn’t favorable to him.”

Kremer didn’t take too kindly to the liberal lawyer’s repeated “attacks” on Trump, however, and challenged her to “tell me one nice thing” about the POTUS, who Kremer argued was very “presidential” in his response to the mailed bombs.

“Everything Angela just said was an attack on the president,” the Women for Trump activist opined.

“But was any of it untrue?” host Chris Cuomo chimed in, echoing Rye’s assertion that what she said was indeed fact.

“The thing is, it doesn’t matter if it’s untrue or not if part of it is subjective!” Kremer shot back, drawing looks of confusion from both Rye and Cuomo. Rye burst into laughter at one point.

Kremer went on to say that while she “doesn’t disagree” with everything the CNN analyst said, some of it was “untrue.” She then equated attacks on the president to attacks on his large base of supporters.

“When you attack the president, you’re attacking the people who voted for him,” Kremer said. “The 63 million of Americans who voted for him. They support him.”

Watch more in the clip below.


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