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New York Woman Dies After Being Found Unconscious In Apartment She Moved Into a Month Ago

A 26-year-old woman of Staten Island was found passed out inside of her apartment on Thursday morning.

Authorities said Leayana Lewis died at Richmond University Medical Center after her roommate discovered her unconscious on the bedroom floor around 8 a.m.

“My Heart, my rock, my blood, my oldest sister was only 26 years old & now she’s gone,” Yassin Teyana wrote on Facebook, a woman who appears to be the victim’s sister. “I’m in disbelief idk what to do right now. I love you so much Leayana Lewis you were my everything and more I just wish I had one more day with you.”

Leayana Lewis

(Photo credit: Facebook)

Police officials said Leayana suffered from a head injury after she was discovered unresponsive. A medical examiner will determine the cause of death after conducting an autopsy.

Teyana told the Daily News that the family is in the dark and doesn’t “know anything, and we haven’t heard from police or doctors.”

“My heart is broke, my mind is all over Lea we just wanna know how and why?” she added.

A neighbor who lived in Staten Island’s “Todt Hill Houses” complex said Lewis was new to the neighborhood and moved into the area a month ago. He told the news outlet he’d never seen Lewis bring anyone home.

“Just ‘Hi, bye’ in the elevator,” he said. “She was always quiet.”

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