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White Couple’s Plot to Play Victim After Road Rage Incident Fails Miserably 

Police in Florissant, Missouri, are refuting details of a Facebook post alleging a road rage assault against a man at a BP gas station this past weekend.

In an Oct. 14 post, an unnamed woman claimed she and her boyfriend were confronted during a road rage dispute in Florissant that led to her boyfriend being viciously attacked by two men, one Black and the other Latino. She shared photos from the alleged assault, showing her boyfriend’s bloodied face, along with pictures of the suspects.

Florissant Police

Surveillance video from the incident poked massive holes in the woman’s original Facebook post claiming she and her boyfriend were victims of a road rage attack. (Facebook video screenshot)

Florissant police said they were contacted by the alleged victim and were made aware of the Facebook post, later launching an investigation into the claims. After a few days of digging and speaking with all parties involved, authorities determined the initial claims to police and in the social media post were both “misleading and inaccurate.”

Surveillance video from the incident, posted to the department’s Facebook page, proved the alleged victims were actually the aggressors in the situation. The department’s post also included a more detailed account of what went down.

The woman’s original Facebook post claimed the “suspects” approached them after her boyfriend honked at them after they cut them off in traffic. She said the men threatened to “stab and kill them” before the Black man “steadily punched by boyfriend” at least 20 times in the face as they tried to flee.

“We think he had brass knuckles or he had a knife,” she wrote.

In the Florissant police’s account of the incident, however, the man and woman are seen sparking the altercation by approaching the two men, who were driving a maroon-colored car. Authorities said the woman, who’s white, verbally threatened the men, after which her boyfriend assaulted the Latino man in the lot of a BP station.

At one point, the woman’s boyfriend brandished a knife and charged at the men, according to video surveillance. The Black man refused to back down.

“The Black male then approached the white male who was armed with a knife,” the police wrote. “The white male then retreated back to his vehicle as the female subject continued arguing with the two subjects while recording them with her cell phone.”

The men continued exchanging words as the white man got back into his car with his girlfriend. That’s when the Black man approached and assaulted the man through the driver’s side window as they zoomed out of the gas station.

The driver pulled into a Goodwill lot next to the BP gas station and called police to say he had been assaulted, authorities say.

According to police, all parties involved in the incident have been charged accordingly.

Watch more in the video below.

Assault at BP gas station, Charbonier and N. Hwy. 67

On 10-14-2018 the Florissant Police Department was made aware of an assault that occurred in the area of Charbonier and N. Hwy. 67. Officers were contacted by a white male who advised that he was assaulted during a road rage incident. An incident report was then prepared by the Florissant Police Department. The Florissant Police Department was also made aware that a social media post of the victim’s statement and photographs of his injuries were posted online. Investigators conducted a thorough investigation which included interviewing all the parties involved and reviewing surveillance video of the incident. At the conclusion of the investigation it was clear that the initial incident reported to police and the social media post were misleading and inaccurate. It was determined through surveillance video and witness interviews that a maroon vehicle and a white vehicle stopped on N. Hwy. 67 just before Charbonier. A white female exited the white vehicle and approached the maroon vehicle. The female verbally threatened the occupants in the maroon vehicle.The white vehicle that the female exited from pulled away and parked on the lot of the BP gas station at the corner of Charbonier and N. Hwy. 67. The driver of the white vehicle exited and began walking towards the maroon vehicle. Two male occupants of the Maroon vehicle exited and walked towards the female and male on the BP lot. During a verbal altercation the white male engaged a Hispanic male and assaulted him by pushing him. The white male turned and walked back toward his vehicle. As the black male and Hispanic male walked away, the white male displayed a knife and charged towards the two men. The black male then approached the white male who was armed with a knife. The white male then retreated back to his vehicle as the female subject continued arguing with the two subjects while recording them with her cell phone. While the white male was seated in his vehicle the black male and Hispanic male walk towards him and continue to exchange words. The male driver of the white vehicle reversed his vehicle as the black male was walking behind the vehicle. The black male approached the driver side window and assaulted the male driver. The driver of the white car then drove onto the lot of the Goodwill lot located next to the BP gas station and called the Florissant Police Department to report that he had been assaulted.

Posted by Florissant Police Dept on Monday, October 15, 2018

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