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Scarface Says Daughter’s Mother Is Trying To Embarrass Him With Child Support Case: I’m ‘Looking For Work’

Scarface was recently sued by the mother of his child Lisa Varner for not paying child support, and now he’s fighting back with a counter suit.

In August Varner filed court papers against the legendary rapper and said he was $6,728 behind in payments. This was after a judge ordered him to pay $218 monthly a few years prior.

Scarface Says His Baby's Mother is Trying To Embarrass Him With Child Support Case


But in documents obtained by Bossip, Scarface said that Varner is using the case to embarrass him and ruin his career. The rapper also claimed that she’s attempting to harm his relationship with their 8-year-old daughter, and she’s on a constant mission to “harass, embarrass and annoy him.”

“These types of allegations and leaked media posts gravely affect and tarnish my public image and severely interfere with my career,” said Scarface in court papers. “I am currently not working but am looking for work. This type of behavior precludes me from achieving gainful employment.”

Scarface is also trying to get a restraining order against the mother of his child that would prohibit her and her family from speaking about the case anywhere outside of the courtroom.

The Geto Boys frontman wants Varner to pay for his legal feels as well and other expenses. Neither Varner or Scarface have addressed any of this yet, and their due back in court within weeks.

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