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Joe Budden Tells Fans He’s Tempted to ‘Cheat’ on Cyn Santana, Gets Bemused Responses

If you’re in a relationship, then you can probably relate to this:

Both of you are into a particular cable or TV series, and when one of you is dying to see what happened in the next episode, the other person isn’t around or can’t watch. Then if one of you continues on, it’s considered  “series cheating,” and it’s a dilemma Joe Budden found himself in with his girlfriend Cyn Santana.

Joe Budden Gets Advice On Whether to Series Cheat on Cyn Santana


“Was really trying to wait for my baby so we could watch the new ‘A Million Little Things’ together, but she went to go work on music, and I’m super proud of her focus and all that, but I gotta know what’s going on. Lol,” he wrote on Twitter.

By the looks of it, a lot of people related to the podcaster’s dilemma, and they offered all kinds of advice on what he should do.

“Watch it then act like you didn’t see it,” someone wrote.

“You should’ve just watched it and re-watched it with her and pretended it was the first time you saw it,” wrote another. “Now she is going to see this tweet.”

“Naw, you can’t be series cheating, Joe,” a third person tweeted. “So when @Cyn_Santana get a chance to watch, you could ruin it by telling her what happened. Stay strong and wait ’till bae get home.”

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that after four years, Joe and Cyn will be returning to “Love & Hip-Hop: New York” when it continues on Nov. 26. Other cast members to appear include Remy Ma, Papoose, Juelz Santana, Kimbella, Yandy, Safaree, Maino, Juju and Rich Dollaz.

As far as the series cheating, Joe didn’t reveal whether he watched “A Million Little Things” or not, but maybe he’ll provide an update. 

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