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Black Man Harassed, Kicked and Dragged Off Train In Spain

Watch the moment a Black man is targeted, harassed, and violently dragged off the train by Renfe officers in Madrid Spain. The incident took place last Thursday morning at 11:30 am on a train from Cercanias de Madrid to Cercedilla, according to an expat Spanish news website called The Olive Press.

The shocking clip shows train guards board the train, go directly to the Black passenger and ask him to show his ticket – even though the carriage was full of other passengers. Confused, the man asked why he had to show his ticket, saying only a conductor had the authority to ask him to produce it.

The young man continued to refuse to show the ticket, which led to the guard pulling the emergency brake. A female passenger urges the young man to show his ticket. “If you’re going to be legal, you’re not afraid of anything, there’s no problem, sir,” she says.

“But they are not authorized to ask me for the ticket, ma’am,” the young man responded.

“I’m authorized,” one of the two agents retorted. “I’m an authority in Renfe, despite being security, so now go with me outside, by hook or by crook, as you wish.”

Without giving him time to answer, the guard grabs the man and begins dragging him off the train. An ununiformed police officer comes to the defense of the young man, putting himself between the targeted traveler and the two security guards, and threatening to file a report.

“You should not have grabbed me like this, do not overdo your work and call the conductor,” the young man tells the security guard. Some of the passengers begin to ask the young man to get off the train so they can go to work.

After several moments of protesting, the man finally decided to show his ticket: “I’m not going to get off, here’s my ticket, why do I have to get off? If I have not done anything?”

“Because we can not prove it,” the guards answered. Renfe guards reportedly do not carry the necessary equipment to check the newly issued transport cards used in public transport in Madrid.

Four security guards then proceeded to violently remove the man. Once off the train one of the guards gives him a kick, shocking passengers.

The man is believed to have a valid ticket. However, Renfe has issued a statement saying there were no ‘racist motivations’ in the performance of security agents, but announced they have opened an investigation.

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