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Safaree Samuels’ New Beard Slammed As Fake, He Proves That Isn’t So

Safaree Samuels has gotten fed up with rumors that his beard isn’t all natural and he had time on Wednesday to put that speculation to an end.

The “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” star began by taking to his Instagram Story on Oct. 10 to share his newest haircut.

“I don’t think anyone gets more haircuts than me,” he proudly declared. “Nobody.”

After Samuels got his beard lined up he admitted that even he thought his facial hair had some enhancements.

“Look, I ain’t gon’ lie,” he says. “I just got this lined up and this looks so crazy I had to ask the n—a. I’m like, ‘Do you use any of that black dye or pencil?’ This is all hair. This ain’t no enhancement or nothing.”

Not long after, fans began their usual clowning of the rapper’s beard, which has been aided by ex-girlfriend Nicki Minaj tweet in August that she paid for his hairline.

“Safaree you did your beard too 🤔”

“Okay! Fresh sharpie on the line up, new beard, new specs who did?👀”

“Did u get your beard from the same doctor that Onika got your head line👍🏽😘👅🎥😜💪🏾”

“🤔🤔🤔 okay I’mma say it. The beard is looking a little unusual…… 🧔🏿🧔🏿”

The talk led Samuels to take matters into his own hands to prove otherwise.

“All right, so I hear n—as is saying I drew my beard in,” he says before taking a tissue and wetting it with some bottled water. “Look, I poured some water on this, right? Hating ass n—as. This is a wet tissue. Look.”

Samuels proceeded to wipe his beard with the tissue a few times and then turned toward the camera to show his beard was still intact.

“Beard is still there,” he says.

Meanwhile, other fans applauded the scruffy look.

“Yes! The beard looks great!”

“That beard is looking bomb on you @iamsafaree keep it.”

“This beard though 🙌🏽💧💧”

“Don’t you dare cut your beard off @iamsafaree or else I will fight you 😬”


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