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‘LHHH’ Apple Watts’ Newfound Father Probes into Her Contract, Fans Probe His Motives: ‘He Want’s Your Money’

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” viewers are on the fence about co-star Apple Watts‘ estranged father after he’s a little too curious about her music deal with manager Shun Love.

The 33-year-old stripper recently reunited with her father, John Watts, who’s been absent majority of her life. She confessed to feeling a little uncomfortable with John being a little too pushy in her day-to-day activities, including her music career. During Monday night’s episode, Apple met up with her father at church, and things got a little awkward when he asked his daughter about her music dealings.

Apple Watts

(photo credit VH1 screenshot)

John began probing into Apple’s managerial contract with Love and asked to see his daughter’s paperwork. He goes on to say having a contract is a major decision and he refuses to watch his daughter get stuck in a bad deal.

“This is why I keep business and family separated,” Apple said. She added that the “overprotective father thing” is a little too much for her to handle.

However, “LHHH” fans forewarned Apple about her father’s possibly suspect intentions and felt he was wrong for asking the aspiring rapper about her music contract.

“She knows nothing about u either pops🤷🏽‍♀️ what’s the difference🤦🏽‍♀️ u wanna be in her business but tell her manager u might not be the father mannn get your opportunist ass outta here,” said one fan.

“Her father seems a little shady. I see why you’re a little distant and I could relate to how you feel,” another added.

“I think 🍎 you need more time, daddy moving to fast for you in your situation. Because it make u say holdup naw, u not running shit and all up in my business daddy. Fix yo fu** up first and bond with me.”

“Sis he want your money…but he couldn’t find you but now you doing BIG things and he wanna be in ya life….no sir.”

One “LHHH” fan said, “Child this man is an opportunist! How he so concerned about her contract and not her spirit her soul her wellbeing. Clearly she’s yet another woman who has learned loneliness abandonment and fear from her father the one man that should have been there for her.”

Apple addressed the most recent episode on Instagram and wrote the caption, “Just watch the show I don’t got shit to say but y’all got a lot to say 🤦‍♀️👌👌🖕🏽.”

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