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‘LHHH’ Star Brooke Valentine Responds After Fans Trash Her ‘Messy’ Behavior

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” fans are accusing singer Brooke Valentine of causing trouble and being catty.

Viewers seemed to have a love and hate with Valentine on “LHHH”, but many feel the “Girlfight” artist has been the center of drama this season. Over the last few episodes, Valentine came off a little shady especially when she crashed her friend Bridget Kelly‘s interview.

During episode 11 of “LHH” Valentine completely put Kelly on the spot by inviting new cast-mate LaBritney to open for Kelly’s performance. When the “Special Delivery” singer confronted Valentine on her catty actions, Valentine apologized but then shaded Kelly by saying she makes “auntie music.”

Not to mention, Valentine happily took over Moniece Slaughter‘s studio session last episode moments after Slaughter was hospitalized for an anxiety attack. Social media accused the 33-year-old and her co-star Roccstar of making fun of Slaughter’s medical condition.

Fans said they’re fed up with Valentine’s “fake” behavior and accused her of being the “Karlie Redd” of “LHHH.”

One fan tweeted, “Brooke was in Lyrica Buisness, ruined Moniece’s studio session, crashed Bridget interview, put Nikki on the spot about Solo Lucci and now is going to meet up with Akbar behind Teairra back I hope someone whoops her ass at the reunion 💯.”

“As usual Brooke has no loyalty. Same shit every week. Why would anyone want her around next season,” one person asked.

“The award for the two messiest mfs this season goes to RAY. J AND BROOKE.”

“Brooke stay shading people but when was the last time she put out a record.”

“I mean Brooke is to beautiful to be on #LHHH acting so damn ugly being messy & shit.”

One Instagram user wrote, “Brooke just stays messy and dramatic. She had no life. Always stirring the pot and in someone s**t.”

Valentine posted a message to her fans on Monday and told them not to take everything she does on the show to heart.

“My loves, don’t argue with people that believe everything they see,” she wrote. “I don’t address scenes in an attempt to allow you to enjoy it for what it is but PLEASE don’t let it bother your spirit or affect your mental.”

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