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50 Cent’s Less Than Traditional Method for Putting Bullies in Their Place Has Fans in Stitches

50 Cent has a take on bullying has struck a chord with fans.

“👋😏lll see you at the principals office, get the strap. #bellator #lecheminduroi,” the rapper wrote on Instagram Tuesday, Oct. 2, including his catchphrase from Starz’s “Power.”

The comment accompanied a meme that read, “If you kid is bullying my kid and my kid has tried to tell your kid to stop, and your kid doesn’t.. My kid has been told to punch your kid in the face.”

50 cent


It’s not exactly the least confrontational approach, but for many commenters, it works.

“You mf right I’m not about to keep telling my kid to turn the other cheek an get smacked twice.”

“Truth and they’ve been taught how to throw a proper punch too lol 💪🏼💪🏼👊🏻”

“Yep! I’ve told my kid not to start it but go on ahead and finish it. He even got so mad one day he went and put himself around the kid who hit him so the other kid would hit him again then went to town whooping his arse.”

“I tell my son this all the time @50cent. You you got the green light my boy and when we end up in the principal’s office I’m going to tell them that too #getthestrap.”

“We have the right to defend and protect our children and ourselves! Sometimes just saying No or Stop the person feels you are afraid to do anything to stop them, therefore you have to show them! Bulling is unacceptable behavior. 😎😘😘👎🏽👎🏽💪🏿”

But others found the advice to be poor.

“This happened to my son in middle school over 10 years ago. He’s had enough. The dude grew up to be a murderer so good advice 50!”

“If your kid is a bully then you failed as a parent.”

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