White Man Tries To Thwart Black Women’s Photo Shoot by Claiming Sidewalk Is His Property

Forget BBQ Becky, Permit Patty and Pool Patrol Paul. There’s a new provocateur in town.

A man earned himself the nickname “Permit Model” this weekend after interrupting a group of Black women working on a photo shoot in Dallas.

Video of the incident, shared by Twitter user “Brother Tyrone X,” shows a white antagonist arguing with the women as they snap photos of their model. The man poses behind the women, making sure he’ll be featured in their glam shots. It’s unclear where the Twitter user obtained the video.

Permit Model

The unidentified man refused to leave the women alone, then claimed they were on his property. (Brother Tyrone X / Twitter screenshot)

It’s unclear what transpired before the confrontation, but the man seemed eager to have the women stop photographing at the location, which appeared to be near a sidewalk in front of an ornate iron gate. He refused to leave them alone, despite the women’s threats to dial police.

“Guys, this is Permit Model,” the woman behind the camera says. “He’s blocking our model while we’re trying to shoot.”

At one point, the man claims the ladies are on his property.

“Can you go get your paperwork, sir? We don’t believe you,” says the camerawoman.

“I don’t care whether — you’re trespassing,” he responds.

Another woman off-camera chimes in, “This is my property, so I’m asking you to leave.”

Rather than leaving them to their business, “Permit Model” tells the ladies he’s “just going to be in your pictures,” to which one of the women responds, “That’s fine, it can be a group shot.”

The man smiles smugly as he poses behind the model, leaning against a tree.

Their confrontation heats up when the camerawoman mentions the case of Botham Jean, the Dallas man shot and killed by a white female police officer in his own apartment earlier this month after the officer claimed she mistook Jean’s apartment for her own.

“As you saying that just because I’m white,” the man asks, seemingly offended.

“I’m saying that just because you’re getting goofy,” the camerawoman replies before moving her photo shoot into the street.

The bizarre video garnered plenty of reactions from users who wanted to see “Permit Model” face consequences for the unnecessary harassment.

“It’s not this dude’s responsibility to be telling people where they can and can’t take pictures,” one man wrote. “You don’t need permission to photograph on private property that’s open to the public. That’s why people are allowed to take selfies in restaurants, ballparks, etc.”

“This is what you call white privilege,” another person wrote.

One critic said he couldn’t wait to hear the man’s apology, writing, “I’m pretty sure [it] is going to go something like anger get the best of me thought they were really trespassing just wanted to be in the photo bull**** he’s a racist and we know it.”

Watch more in the clip below.


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