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Singer Wizkid Accused Of Neglecting Child, Bringing Weed Around Him and Being A Horrible Father

The Nigerian singer Wizkid just got skewered by his baby’s mother Shola, who claimed he’s been a horrible father to their 7-year-old son Tife.

For example, she claimed he’s missed all of his birthdays and only played the role of good dad when it suited his public image.

Wizkid Blasted By Baby's Mother


Her Instagram post is a whopping nine pages long, and Shola explained many of the things she went through since giving birth to Tife. The young mother also said she wanted to stick up for herself.

“I guess it’s time to stand up for myself and clear my name,” she wrote. “I shall not be labeled a money hungry h-e, jealous or bitter, because I Oluwanishola am not and will never be any of those things.”

She then said that Wizkid denied that he was the father of their child from the onset and demanded a DNA test, but it took him an entire year to get it done. In the end, the results determined there’s a 99.9 percent chance that he’s Tife’s father but according to Shola, things didn’t improve from there.

“I know everyone would expect to hear how things changed for the better afterwards, I hoped it would too, but instead things got worse,” she wrote. “You never wanted to do anything willingly until they literally chased and forced you to.”

“For every time I obliged you to please man up and perform your fatherly duties, you showered me with insults, called me all sorts of names or blocked my number from calling or messaging you. Even said I was the biggest mistake you made in life,” Shola added.

On top of that, she said Wizkid sent Tife home with a “weed crusher” in his bag once. She also said said the singer thought the child was gay from a photo she sent him, and to prove otherwise had him touch the breasts and buttocks of adult women.

“I remember sending you pictures of him from my 24th birthday, and you questioned his sexuality,” Shola detailed. “You asked me if your 4 year old son at the time was gay, all from an innocent photograph.”

She accused Wizkid of not financially supporting the child as well, despite having millions of dollars and said he spends a lot of money on drugs.

But despite all of that, Shola said she still tried to show kindness to her baby’s father and even congratulated him whenever he accomplished something.

“But in all of this, I still wished you well,” she wrote. “I was happy for your success. I never stopped praying for you as the father of my child. I send you congratulatory messages whenever I see you achieve your dreams, knowing fully well you’ll ignore [them.]”  

“Whenever I see you win, my soul rejoices for you,” added Shola. “On your birthdays, I send you birthday messages, same as Father’s day. Whenever I read or hear negative news about you, I send you words of encouragement.”

In the closing part of her message, the mother-of-one said she wants nothing more from Wizkid. She just wants him to be a good father. 

“I do not want anything else from you asides doing the needful for you kid,” she wrote.

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