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‘LHHH’ Fans Drag Brooke Valentine, RoccStar for Lack of Empathy During Moniece Slaughter’s Medical Emergency

Social media blasted Brooke Valentine and RoccStar during episode 9 of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” after Moniece Slaughter suffered from a panic attack.

During Monday night’s emotional episode of “LHHH,” Slaughter, Valentine and RoccStar teamed up for Slaughter’s studio session. A few moments later the “Blue” singer found herself in the midst of a health scare. VH1 producers tried to calm her down and called for paramedics.

Brooke Valentine

(photo credit: OMFG Instagram)

During the intense moment fans noticed that RoccStar and Valentine weren’t taking Slaughter’s panic attack seriously.

“I bet you she don’t get in that paramedic van… She gone be like ‘wait hold on do I gotta pay for this?” RoccStar joked.

The California music producer then makes fun of how Slaughter was going to “hop off the floor.” Valentine then takes over Slaughter’s studio session and begins singing over her vocals. The two clearly weren’t buying into 31-year-old’s medical emergency.

“LHHH” viewers and fans dragged Valentine and RoccStar on social media and said the duo were being “extremely insensitive” to those who suffer from panic attacks.

“Idk why it was made into a joke. Panic attacks are real! Praying for Moniece,” one fan wrote.

Another person commented, “This made me cringe!! How could anyone with any type of self respect laugh at someone who is clearly sick and scared?? I am officially sick of Brooke ass and Roccstar is a whole hoe out here.”

“Wow they fu**in terrible. My best friend in the world has anxiety and it’s no joke. Don’t think I’m fuckin w Brooke after this & I never liked that cue ball to begin with 💯.”

“That is so slack!! I can’t believe Roccstar would be that rude.”

“Lost all respect for Brooke (never really liked her) and also thought rockstar was annoying af. This scene just proved everything.”

An Instagram user added, “You don’t have to like Moniece but where’s the sympathy? Like Brooke you’re a female we nurture. Panic attacks are real if you ever had one or even seen one.”

Valentine commented under OMFG Instagram‘s video and wrote, “Yoooo this editing is… nevermind smh.”

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