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Tamar Braxton Drops New Video Amid Estranged Husband Vince Herbert’s Health Scare

Tamar Braxton released a snippet of a video to her 2013 single, meanwhile, her estranged husband Vincent Herbert is in the hospital for gout.

Braxton shared the music video to her single “Prettiest Girl” on her Instagram Saturday. Her caption said, “Don’t be afraid to be your #prettiest” The video showed Braxton flaunting her purple hair and fans loved it.

“Waited for this video for sooo long! Come through sis @tamarbraxton just beautiful! 😍”

“I love the purple hair 😍💕💕💜”

“@tamarbraxton that’s my favorite song by you I love it and so inspirational some won’t even recognize the message in it!!”

“@tamarbraxton I love this response and I think it really shows your growth…and genuine joy. I’m happy for you. Keep living your best life for you and no one else!!!”

Meanwhile, Herbert was in the hospital for gout in his elbow. TMZ reported that the singer has not been to the hospital to see her estranged husband. It is also reported the Braxton has no plans to visit him. The two have moved on with Braxton sharing details about her Nigerian beau with Wendy Williams last week. Coincidentally, Braxton joked about having gout in July after sharing a photo of her swollen feet.

She said at the time, “Why does my feet constantly look like I got the gout? Why don’t nobody love me enough to tell me, ‘Girl, go get your feet checked, you got the gout?’ That’s awful. I ain’t speaking it on my life but it sho look like it.”

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